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Brief OverView of In-House Positions

  1. CLO/CDO securitization experience: all levels
  2. Solutions Groups:
    Structuring type role/ come up with creative complex solutions/ could be a former trader who did funky trades./ suggest ideas / some lending against corp ortfolios/Dir MD level 
  3. Relationship Manager:
    Candidate will be familiar with the hedge fund community, could be a former credit salesperson covering and familiar with the hedge fund space, the client list will be provided, responsible for expanding the existing services and relationships the bank has and access new business expansion needs which the bank can provide. i.e. prime brokerage/ bonds/ etc...all product areas.
  4. Corporate credit salesman/ hi grade .. must have an active account base 
  5. Leveraged Finance professionals with Sponsor background and relationships/ Seasoned/MD level/ ten plus years experience.
  6. Emerging Market Bond salesman for top tier firm/ 6+ years experience in sales with a strong and portable account base 
  7. Leverage finance mid level/ analyst backgrounds, and associate types preferably with 2-4 years experience in this space working on sponsored deals. 
  8. Seasoned.. MBS salesman covering money managers and banks. 
  9. Seasoned CMBS traders/ salesman/ research guys and analysts.
  10. Senior Underwriters : Those who cover and speak with Bank Treasurers that are willing to issue CD"s/ best from a small firm who does banking business and need to raise deposits. aggressive com package for experienced talent .
  11. Ultra high net worth for NY, Greenwich and DC /AUM $250 mill and under / transferable accounts / attractive and aggressive payout packages.
  12. U.S. Corporate bond salesman Investment Grade /Director levels ... 5-6 years experience would like 5-10 solid relationships. 
  13. Corporate Foreign Exchange salesman covering CTA's... 8-10 years experience.
  14. Flow trader of LATAM sovereign Bonds and CDS with the objective of building a sustainable franchise in these markets. Director level /5-10 years experience in market making of LATAM Sovereign bonds. Proven ability to risk manage positions, make budget and market maker to both locals and hedge funds. Quote LATAM Sovereign Bonds including Argentina, Venezuela, Colombia and Brazil.Experience in trading CDS. Risk Manage positions.
  15. Structured Credit Marketers/ London based. 
  16. Bank is seeking senior level derivatives sales/rate salesman with a book and junior salesman covering Insurance Companies, Money Managers and/Banks.Positions are open in New York, Boston and London. Some positions are available prior to year end. 
  17. Corporate Securities lawyer familiar with fixed Income bonds; SEC experience specifically with filings experience for public companies. May be a former chief compliance officer with financial background. SEC work at a law firm and exp with 10K filings. Familiar with Mortgage backed securities preferred. Derivative Lawyers with ISDA experience working with financial firms either as outside counsel or within the legal departments are of interest as well. 
  18. Emerging Markets Credit sales person with five to ten years experience for international bank. Individual will have a strong account base portable in nature with fluency/ understanding of Spanish. Competitive compensation package. 
  19. Foreign Bank is seeking to add a high grade corporate bond salesman to their existing team. A seasoned salesman with solid relationships are required. Firm is interested in a ten plus year veteran who is only interested in a senior sales position. Compensation is competitive and the firm is offering a one year package.

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